Simpering Twit Fawns On Death-Wish Trump-Hater!

A simpering English twit interviewing two Trump-haters.

That’s a fair description of what I watched on France 24 yesterday morning.


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But, with characteristic dissimulation, the state propaganda channel described its latest hate-fest crammed with insults to POTUS thus –

  • Two of America’s most exciting, impressive and loved writers Lauren Groff and Michael Chabon join Eve Jackson on the occasion of the Festival America, a book festival just outside Paris. 

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The F24 English hireling Eve Jackson’s execrable accent grates on the ears – ‘abaaht’ for ‘about,’ etc., akin to Sharon and Tracy on the UK comedy series ‘Birds of a Feather,’ but those two silly moos were amusing.

Jackson? Just a smarmy little sycophant.

Yet it was the pathetic Chabon – who affects an ‘old hippy’ appearance – who was most offensive.

Trump, said the hirsute stuck-up, was incapable of reading a book. Essex-Girl Jackson simpered, an unprofessional interviewer, clearly unwilling or unable to challenge the scribbler’s infantile  – and obviously untrue – condescension.

The intro above describes the pinko pair as ‘most loved’ and no doubt they are – by leftists and liberals. I doubt they are loved, or even heard of, by the many millions of good patriotic Americans who voted for The Donald.



Chabon is one of those odd Jews who dislikes Israel, which he described as ‘block-headed’ when that boatload of trouble-makers off the Gaza coast had their collars felt.

He’s also a vicious left fanatic.

My researches took me to wikipedia, where I found this death-wish aimed at Trump:.

“Every morning I wake up and in the seconds before I turn my phone on to see what the latest news is, I have this boundless sense of optimism and hope that this is the day that he’s going to have a massive stroke, and, you know, be carted out of the White House on a gurney.”

hate media

Hairy the Hater, yeah?

I do read books, two or sometimes three a week, a great way of passing the time on my frequent, long, traffic-jammed TransJakarta bus journeys.

But frankly I too had never heard of those two toe-rags, and now that I have, I won’t be prowling bookshops to seek out their writings, despite F24’s alluring recommendation.

Lauren Groff is known for writing one of Barack Obama’s favourite novels when in office, “Fates and Furies”.

As for Hairy the Hater, we are told he’s a Pulitzer Prize-winner!

Since when did that mean quality?

Pultizer Prize for Rolling Stone Lies? 

However, the point is that France24 knew very well what they were inviting into their studio.

Essex-Girl could have told them beforehand that the reason for their presence was the book festival they are sadly part of.

A simple request to lay off their political prejudices and stick to their works of fiction would have been reasonable. Very likely a man like Chabon, consumed with bilious hate, could have ignored the request.

But instead, Jackson deliberately opened up with a leading question about how they saw America today.

When The Hairy Hater predictably began spewing his bile, Jackson could have steered promptly away, but in fact showed evident delight in his hogwash.




In other words, France24, leeching gaily on the public purse, saw a golden opportunity to stage another Trump-Hate show.

Still, they’re no worse than DW and the BBC.

That’s a consolation?


Confession time – I do like John Grisham’s books, though he is nauseatingly liberal too.