“I’m Interested In…”“Oh No You’re Not,” Say Strasbourg Slugs!

There’s no slug like a Strasbourg Slug!

Not in terms of condescending arrogance, at least.

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That is the only logical inference to be drawn from the put-down suffered by EUObserver at the hands of an uppity bint named Livia Jaroka, who rejoices in the title of “Vice-President of the European Parliament.”

’Jaroka wrote that there was no overriding public interest in the documents’ disclosure...’. https://euobserver.com/institutional/142867

Who pays her fat salary?

You do!

Who pays the salaries – and pensions, and EXPENSES – of those named in the documents?

You do!

Who pays for the production and storage of the documents?

You do!


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Who paid for the construction, and still pays for the maintenance, of the luxurious offices in which Jaroka and the other Slugs yammer and party and even, perhaps, now and then, work?


So there IS a public interest – because YOU are the public – in who’s splurging YOUR money on wine, women and song and/or anything else the sleazy swine in Strasbourg have got their greasy snouts into.



If it’s honest expenditure, why is Jaroka hiding it?

This story is more interesting than the usual reports of high-handed EP scumbags covering up all kinds of rip-offs which emerge from the cesspool in Strasbourg.

Apart from the fact that EUObs is notoriously Europhiliac, and might therefore have hoped for some reciprocal benevolence on the part of the Slugs, a flick through our files on the latter-day Tower of Babel reveals that Jaroka is an MEP for Hungary’s Fidesz, the party of Viktor Orban.



Orban is rightly regarded as a hero by patriots all over Europe, due mainly to his resistance to the migrant menace. And Hungary has just been illegitimately victimised by the Strasbourg Slugs!

Rename Strasbourg ‘The Anti-European Parliament!’ 

So it’s odd that one of his party notables is aiding and abetting a cover-up of ‘certain documents related to the MEPs’ office expenses.’  

Time for Mr. Orban to bring the upstart to heel?

But is she somehow untouchable?

Our researches also revealed that Jaroka is one of the few “Roma” i.e. gypsy, MEPs, who are also a rarity in Fidesz, whose government in Budapest is often smeared by left-liberals for crack-downs on anti-social Roma.

If she is a token Roma, perhaps she is thus protected from the consequences of her elitist arrogance.

Or maybe not.

After all, elitist arrogance has been noted as the badge of all the tribe that infests the corridors of Strasbourg power.