Bon! Hate Rapper Shut Down In Paris!

Patriot party leader Marine Le Pen is surely correct to say that the cancellation of a hate-rapper’s concerts at the Bataclan is “a victory for all the victims of Islamist terrorism.”\




Nor was she alone in her assessment. Opposition leader Laurent Wauquiez had also called for cancellation.

One imagines most decent French people also agree with Marine.

For the hate-freak Medine (sample quotes “crucify the secularists” and “I put fatwas on the heads of idiots” ) to have performed at the scene of the Islamist terror atrocity in 2016, where savages murdered 160 innocent people, would have been an affront too far.

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Even the leftist Guardian acknowledges that he’s known for his provocative pro-Muslim lyrics.

In the same newspaper, we read about his ‘song’ Don’t Laik, which apparently assails France’s secular policies as discriminatory towards Muslims.

In other words, the ghastly brute is encouraging arrogant Islamist whiners (who certainly do not represent all French Muslims) in France who withhold allegiance to the land they live in, and who seek to defy laws they don’t like, such as the sensible burka ban.



Laik refers to ‘laicite,’ which is the French word for secularism.

France is a secular state. If there are Muslim fanatics, or any sectarian group of any creed, who find that intolerable, they should sod off to some other country.

Iran might welcome undesirables, or some other dump in the Middle East where shariah codes affront civilised people’s concepts of fair play.



The message must be that any religion whose doctrines require adherents to put dogmas above duty to their country ipso facto makes those adherents disloyal citizens.

Such beliefs are unacceptable.

We read that Medine now plans to stage another concert in another Paris venue, the Zenith, in February next year.

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