Kuntilanak2 Kembali Lagi! Yes!

Glad to see that Trans TV is doing some ENJOYABLE re-runs, some fine Indonesian horror movies, for Hallowe’en.
The excellent ‘Kuntilanak’ is one already advertised, so I hope ‘Pocong’ will be another.
One of my faves from ten years ago or more was ‘Tali Pocong Perawan,’ starring the luscious Dewi Persik.


I can happily watch her acting skills for hours and hours. She’s still raising hell in the headlines here, a feisty gal.
Sadly, the equally watchable Julia Perez succumbed to cancer a while back.

She too was a horror star appreciated by vast numbers of movie-goers here.

A sad loss.

So exactly what are these dreaded supernatural beings we’re talking about, that may grace our TV screens in just a few days time?

Feast your eyes on these frightful spectres!




Western readers may be baffled by all the above, so I offer you a link to an old post…
…which may enlighten you.
I got out of the habit of watching local scary films, because producers began giving us dancing pocongs and silly kuntilanaks, which trivialised the genre.

Roll on Hallowe’en!