RIP Tara Farez! Target Of Evil Shot Dead

The world is drabber today, a lovely young lady shot to death in a Baghdad taxi.

Tara Fares had previously received death threats from supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) .


Image result for iraqi beauty queen tara


We don’t yet know the exact circumstances but we know that sectarian bigots disliked her, to put it mildly, because she saw no reason to shroud her good looks, and express her opinions.

The photo above shows how attractive she was, evidently no time for the offensively misdescribed ‘modest fashions‘ – a phrase which is an insult to every decent woman who dresses modestly but doesn’t get uptight about guys seeing her hair or her shoulders  – or her knees or any other part of her body blessed by her Maker with beauty.

It may have been that Tara was murdered by a common criminal or a random psycho, but in the climate of hatred fostered by ‘aurat’ extremists…


‘Fathers and husbands, their aurat is your responsibility!’

…creatures who abhor women unashamed of their beauty, Dark Agers who believe women have to be controlled by their fathers and/or husbands, who knows?

I see that Tara had taken to living much of the time in Kurdistan, where more civilised values prevail.

I also see that even beauticians have been targeted in Iraq, two having died in mysterious circumstances in their respective homes. The beauticians’ deaths fostered concerns over militias and armed groups systematic targeting of beauty center owners.

How utterly sad, to be slain for being attractive.

RIP, Tara!