Kai Gniffke – A Dangerous Enemy Within!

It’s shocking – or would be shocking, if any of us remained shockable – that such a question could even be asked in any country where principles of free speech and freedom of the press have been regarded as democratic fundamentals.





To which those of us who believe that people have a right to know what’s going on in their country, as the result of an evil woman’s treason, would, of course, reply…


But that appeal falls on deaf ears, as we have shown in the past…



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…and as we now demonstrate once more, with a horror story of deliberate suppression by a so-called ‘journalist’ of  ‘a grim murder in the central German town of Offenbach. A doctor had been stabbed to death in his practise that morning with no obvious explanation for why. Hours later police arrested his suspected murderer – an asylum seeker from Somalia who arrived in the country in late 2015.’

So another dirty ingrate?

Another ‘refugee’ of the same sort we have had sadly to report in Germany and elsewhere?



That’s for you and me and everybody else to ponder, discuss, debate and decide.

IF we get to hear of it!

But SOMEBODY was determined to do his damnedest to make sure we were kept in the dark – the foul liberal hack pictured below.


Horst_Seehofer-Tagesthemen-Kai_Gniffke-Caren_Miosga-CDU-CSU (1)

Kai Gniffke


After receiving complaints from the public for its decision not to cover the crime, Tagesschau’s editor-in-chief Kai Gniffke publicly justified the decision.

He explained that Tagesschau only reports on news that has “a societal, national or international relevance – things that are meaningful to the majority of the 83 million Germans.”

So yet another innocent German slaughtered and yet another unwanted alien detained in connection for the crime  – and that is NOT ‘meaningful to the majority of the 83 million Germans.”


The media scumbags who tried to hush-up the mass molestations in Cologne two New Years ago were rumbled.

The truth about Merkel’s imports got out.

Now this schweinehund has been challenged for hiding unpleasant truths, and he resorts to meaningless verbiage about what is ‘meaningful’ to Germans?

The clear question arises – how many OTHER ‘migrant’ crimes have been covered up by the rotten media?

How many other anti-patriot hacks are drawing careful curtains over vile violations of German law by undesirable aliens?

To be fair to the writer in The Local, whose headline is so offensive, he does point out the indefensibility of Grimnasty Gniffke’s stance, while presenting arguments in favour of covering up crimmigrant carnage too.

Most of my readers are in English-speaking countries, with just a few in Germany.

How many of the scribbling rats in the UK, in North America, or Australasia…



….are equally as guilty as Gniffke in this despicable  regard?