Walking Dead Return, 8th October!

I note the return of the ever-popular zombie series ‘The Walking Dead’ next week.

The last episode of WD ended with erstwhile hero Rick showing distinct signs of turning pinko, insisting the evil Negan not be put to death despite a record of atrocities hard to match.

A trailer this month gave us a glimpse of the imprisoned villain mocking Rick, no obvious sign of repentance.

When watching what the characters on WD describe as ‘a horde’ shuffling aggressively along the desolate roads of a strickem America, I’m always reminded of the scenes a couple of years ago, when fake ‘refugee’ rabble advanced through the civilised lands of Europe.


‘C’mon, Ali, there’s the Austrian border. Blondes and benefits! When we reach Vienna we should send a thank-you note to those mugs on the NGO boat!’


Yet interpreting fiction in terms of political analogy is probably a waste of time!

On balance, I’d say there’s every chance Negan will somehow regain his freedom and cause yet more mayhem, one of the obvious risks of not inflicting the death penalty on satanic killers.


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Rick V Negan


Not to mention the issue of natural justice, which may well motivate Maggie, whose husband Negan brutally clubbed to death – not even in a fair fight, since the poor bloke was a prisoner at the time.

Maggie has become a co-leader of the good folks and is in a position to challenge Rick’s rulings.

Who knows?

I just hope they don’t start all those boring, soul-searching debates, introspective rambles of the sort that have no place in an action-horror drama.

PS – the latest ad speaks of Rick’s “final episodes.”