A New Battle Of Hastings?

I have grave doubts about the efficacy of Leave.EU’s strategy of mobilising patriots in the constituencies of Tory ratbags to join the local Conservative Association.

I’ve explained my scepticism already.

Save Brexit By Infiltrating Tories? What Do YOU Think? 

But I am not what Red China’s Maoists would define as a ‘splittist.’

Their hearts (Leave.EU’s, not the Maoists’!) are in the right place, so if you are so inclined, give it a go.

Here’s one of their ads, aimed at turfing out that ghastly Amber Rudd, who deliberately refused to vet a pack of hefty young alien adults purporting to be ‘children.’

Little kiddies dumped into UK by Macron, green-lighted by Rudd

Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

She is a shameful specimen and deserves deselection and/or defeat.

The immediate priority, I’d say, is to ‘Chuck Chequers,’ but if the people of Hastings & Rye can also root out Rudd,  why not?

As Leave.EU say –

Having previously claimed she would respect the referendum result, Ms Rudd told ITV’s ‘Peston’ programme on September 26 that she would “absolutely” back a second referendum. We think this is disgraceful.’