God Bless Ida-Marie, German Teen Truth-Teller!

Despite the biased pap regularly pumped into classrooms by leftist ideologues…

…often using materials churned out at tax-payers’ expense by our common enemy, the EUSSR.Bravo, Gilles! French MEP Exposes NEW EUSSRSchool Brainwashing! 

…plenty of young folk, in every land,  those possessed of both sound mind and brave hearts, manage to withstand the indoctrination and emerge as good citizens, determined to be true to their countries.

One such is a young lady named Ida-Marie Müller, 14 years old but already a much more worthy citizen than that sour old bitch in the Berlin Chancellery who spent her youth serving the Communist secret police.


Ida-Marie Müller


Ida-Marie entered a ‘poetry competition’ – aka brain-wash stunt – organised by what apparently styles itself the ‘Youth Council’ in a small Rhineland city called Speyer.

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Germany has a grand tradition of poetry, some of which I learned in my high school German class ( I can still recite parts of Die Stadt, by Theodor Storm!) but the Speyer Jugend was not honouring that heritage.

Instead this little multikulti clique had sprung an ‘antiracist initiative’ on the kids, the intention being to divert them from the realities of life with the migrant menace unleashed on innocent Germans by Mama Stasi Merkel.

merkel bloodhands


But when Marie stood up, she turned the tables on the leftist organisers, and won the loudest cheers, with her patriotic paean, from which I quote a few lines….

“From far away the man fell into the hands of traffickers, with no passport and a mobile phone. 

He arrived in our hallowed German land. Because he couldn’t get a lady, he helped himself to one with a knife.


No doubts, given the applause, who was the winner.

Except that the lousy leftists immediately ‘disqualified’ the patriot girl.




No way would they countenance truth in the contemptible propaganda charade they had cooked up!


But robbing the best entrant of her rightful reward was not all that the scum element in Speyer had in store for a girl who dared dissent from the in-crowd ideology.

Within days, her home was vandalised by red nazis!


And in an act of red spite, she was banned from attending the award ceremony.

AND Merkel’s local running-dog (bitch, sorry!) a snarky CDU hack called Mayor Monika Kabs…


…issued a public denunciation of the schoolgirl for using the competition as a ‘platform for the AfD’ patriot party.


Marie’s mum is indeed an AFD member, but what does Scabs, sorry Kabs, think the competition was, if not a platform for all the sleazy elements in the area that hate the patriot party?