M-end-A-cit-Y = Tory Brexit Sell-Out!

While we watch the sheep bleating their chorus of approval at the Conservative Party Conference…


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…which, by the way, is even more stage-managed than such gatherings were in the past, when I lived in the UK, nowadays with no powers at all for the assembled ‘representatives’ of the dwindling membership to decide ‘their’ party’s policies…

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…we read that Theresa The Appeaser is deliberately keeping them in the dark about her latest betrayal, a scheme to retreat even further in the face of the Brussels Empire’s arrogance.

Ulster is the pawn she’s preparing to sacrifice in her sleazy back-door deal…




…in an almost uncanny echo of Kipling’s verses about the back-stabbing of our kin across the water in 1912.


Before an Empire’s eyes, the traitor claims her price.

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What need of further lies. We are the sacrifice!


…such a craven retreat that she has neither the courage nor the integrity to reveal it before even such a docile audience, for fear they will display their dismay and denounce the vile woman’s treachery.