Poor Pippi, Sicko Swedes! Kids’ Story Turned Into Multicult Propaganda!

So a much-loved children’s story-book heroine, Pippi Longstocking, created in 1945…


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….a ginger-haired lass who lives in a forest, is to be transformed into a Roma “warrior against injustice” living in a troubled immigrant suburb…a homeless migrant, who inhabits a car wreck?


This grotesquerie will be broadcast on the tax-funded Swedish state radio.

Say goodnight, Sweden!

whatever next front FINAL_560

Will Christopher Robin be similarly debased, turned into a juvenile trannie freak?

And as Theresa May’s Government develops its degenerate commitment to ‘fair play’ for sexual aberrants…

….will the next step downhill be taken in the UK – logically, given that queers are now allowed to ‘marry’ and children to choose their ‘gender’ ( meaning ‘sex!’ )  – with the new-look Christopher…

Image result for piglet winnie the pooh christopher robin

…establishing a trilateral menage with Pooh and Piglet?

After all, if we are told that homos are suddenly somehow ‘normal,’ legalisation of bestiality has to be the next great slouch forward -towards Gomorrah!