An Appeal…Get Britain Out!

Another Appeal!

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3rd October, 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters,


We are sending you this very special ACTION edition of our e-Bulletin, as we really need your help with this.
The Prime Minister is still desperately clinging onto the essence of her dead-in-the-water Chequers proposal, as she attempted to reunite her Party at the Conservative Party’s Conference today. She may not have mentioned the ‘C’ word re Chequers during her speech today, but May seems to be in complete denial. She continues to ignore the concerns of the Great British Public who have found themselves victims of another establishment ‘stitch up’, refusing to ‘CHUCK CHEQUERS’ and continuing with a Bodged Brexit.
Yesterday, before May’s headline speech today, the former Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, gave an electrifying speech in the ConservativeHome alternative event, where over 1,500 supporters crammed into the hall. He provided serious hope for Brexiteers. Boris rightfully reiterated what all us Leavers have been feeling since May first presented her Chequers proposal – we must ‘CHUCK CHEQUERS’, as following through with it would be a ‘political and economic betrayal’.
Boris urged politicians in government to deliver what the people voted for and what Theresa May originally promised in her Lancaster House speech.
Boris denied his was a Leadership bid, and stressed his support for the Prime Minister, but it is clear they are in diametrically opposite positions on how to handle the Brexit negotiations. Mrs May, on the other hand, dismissed it as Boris ‘putting on a great show’ on Sky News last night.
The people’s instruction as a result of the EU Referendum was to Leave the European Union – to take back control of our own laws, borders, courts, money, and trade.
In David Cameron’s now infamous Remain leaflet – mailed out to every single household in the United Kingdom at huge cost to British taxpayers – he promised: “It’s your opportunity to decide if the UK remains in the European Union (EU)…..”
YES – our opportunity, and we decided Leave!
Our “opportunity to decide” is being completely undermined by the Prime Minister’s reluctance to consider alternative Brexit options – and she is digging her head in the sand over her Chequers plan. May’s Government Brexit White Paper does not respect the democratic result of the EU Referendum.
It is now time for ACTION and Get Britain Out needs your help to show Mrs May – and all MPs – the Great British Public can see through all the lies and deceptions. 
The Chequers plan does not honour the Referendum result Mrs May!
We urge you all to TAKE ACTION NOW – and write letters to your MPs – whether or not you have written to them before, and whether or not you have received replies before. Many of you write to us to say your MP is a Remainer (or a Leaver) and does not reply to you.

However, it is vital you try again so your voice is heard, as they are your elected representatives.

Piles of letters through the post or delivered to the constituency offices will be much more effective than e-mails. If you do not regularly contact your MPs, how can they be aware of how strongly you feel? So hopefully, MPs up and down the country will receive all your letters this week when they return from their conferences to their constituency offices – as a result of your ACTION.
Please can you post or deliver one of the two letters (see the link below) to either your local REMAIN or LEAVE MP’s constituency office (with the correct postage please).

Please encourage your MPs to urge the Prime Minister to stop pressing ahead with her Chequers proposal, and instead of listening to her Remain advisers and Bodging Brexit, listen to all the alternatives to get behind a REAL Brexit plan for the United Kingdom…

At this point I must interrupt, to draw particular attention to the arrogance shown by May…


…her crass bad manners..
If you recall, a few weeks ago, Get Britain Out hand-delivered my letter to the Prime Minister at No 10 Downing Street, with well over 50,000 of your counter-signatures, explaining why we are against the Chequers plan. Mrs May and her staff could not even be bothered to acknowledge the letter! She ignored all of us – and we are the voters who put the Government and all the MPs onto their green seats in the House of Commons!

You can read the whole GBO appeal here…