German Protestants Declare War On Diversity!

Even non-Christians must be well aware that Jesus Christ said and did a lot during His short life among mortal men.

As we have noted before, He not only distinguished Himself by His readiness to use corporal punishment..




…but also, unless my memories of Sunday School fail me, He also spent time debating with religious ‘scholars,’ too.

One would expect this.




Truth was then, as it is today, something that is best sought not by arrogant edicts or fatwas, but by serious dialectical discussions.

Interesting then, to read that diversity of opinion has been officially abhorred by Germany’s main Protestant denomination, the Evangelical Church.

Rathter than have dissenting voices challenge their dominant left-liberal faction, when legislators are in attendance at next year’s ‘inclusive’ conference in Dortmund, the intolerant ‘evangelicals’ have announced that, while the Greens, a most unwholesome party…


Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the German Greens’ pedophile problem 

…and Die Linke – the Left Party…

…ideological  heirs of Communist evil – may join in the jolly knees-up in July 2019, the AfD patriot party is not welcome.

Here’s the self-righteous ideologue behind the bigot ban on political diversity…


Hans Leyendecker (picture-alliance/dpa/M. Gambarini)

Leftist Leyendecker


Hans Leyendecker, the president of the congress’s executive committee, said the congress explicitly welcomed AfD sympathizers and voters — just not AfD politicians.

“The congress is about listening, but I don’t want to listen to Mr. Gauland.


Alexander Gauland is co-leader of the AfD and it is telling that Leyendecker’s closed mind is matched by closed ears when it comes to things he fears to hear from the patriots – but not from marxist scum like Die Linke? 

The Protestant congress’s decision to ban AfD speakers was slammed by the party’s representative for church policy, Volker Münz.

In an official statement, Münz, himself a member of the EKD’s synod within his constituency, described the ban as exclusionary and “a sign of (political) poverty” for the church, and accused it of betraying its political independence.

Quite so, Herr Münz, but good Germans like you must remember how so many churchmen in 1930s offered not only acquiescence but often aided and abetted the ruling ideology then.




The current collaborationist ‘Christians’ playing Mama Stasi’s games are only demonstrating the same vile mentality today that moved German patriots like Von Stauffenberg to fight and die for their country