Cover-Up! WHO The HELL Is ‘FIRAS M?’

Good to see that cowardly lout has been jailed.


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French man who punched woman in viral video gets six months‘ jail

But how utterly disgraceful that the media are covering up exactly who the pig is – his name, his origins, his background.

Needless to say no photo, so here’s a possible likeness.



But all we get, from all the media, is this –

Firas M.

Who the HELL is Firas M?

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What does the ‘M’ stand for?

Is Firas a common French name?

I’ve not heard it before but I don’t know.

I tried putting Firas into Image Search, but there are lots of men with that name, not many in France, true, but it would nevertheless be impossible, and unfair, to seek to identify the swine thus.

Is he really a ‘Paris man,’ or one of the unpleasant aliens whose lair is in the banlieues, those suburbs infested with undesirables?

 A major cover-up, it is clear.

Maybe not the media’s fault, if the French courts are issuing suppression orders to hide where the pig hails from, but perhaps our French readers may have answers.




But at least the pig has been corralled, if only for six months!

One hopes 6 months means what it says in France, unlike the UK…

Unleashing The Pig Choudary? Introduce Internment NOW! 

…where Pig Choudary, the Islamist hate-freak, is out on the streets this very month, having served barely half of the five years of his sentence.

But that’s Theresa’s appeasement realm, where such outrages are common.



However, French law is not my specialty, though I tend to hold a low opinion of French courts.

Not long ago, after all, the vile Herrou walked free…


           In France, As In America, Judges Betray Their Country 

…despite having boasted brazenly of importing a pack of crimmigrants from Italy, UNVETTED illegals who may already, by now, be prowling the very same Paris street where Firas M committed his crime.

Be glad Firas M is behind bars.

But be ready for lots more offences against women…




…until Le Muppet Macron acts on the migrant menace.