Don’t Let Foul-Mouths Rule! Kavanaugh OK!

I have asked the question before but must again.


Why are incoherent foul-mouths quoted incessantly in the media, just because they are ‘celebrities,’ when normal people who can express their thoughts without every other word beginning with an ‘F’ remain unquoted?

I have heard few, if any, rational or logical arguments against confirming the Supreme Court nominee, but I’m sure the media could send their hacks along to various sleazy street-corners…


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….and find a selection of drug-addicted $10 whores who could more lucidly and articulately express themselves on the issue than can either The Warthog or The Gorgon.

Gargoyle Leftist Griffin – Too Grotesque Even For CNN – Blames Trump! 


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Ugly O’Donnell- The Warthog Wallows Ever Deeper! 

Why not feature regular citizens, decent people who, however unreasonably, may disapprove of confirmation – why not ask them?

Bank clerks, secretaries, hair-dressers…respectable people who are not, like The Warthog and The Gorgon, rich and privileged.

Yet instead of reasonable faces, the media ‘treat’ us to snarling shrills.

Do the hacks not get it, that oinking from the Hollywood sty simply puts people off whatever cause those sad sows support?

Twitter censors those who do not suit Twitter’s ideological prejudices. We see that often enough.

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So, if ‘hate’ is the yard-stick, why does Twitter not erase the stream of filth surging from the cess-pool gobs of psychotic grot-bags – examples galore in this link – 

– and close their accounts?

After all, the patriotic, nationalist and conservative sentiments that social media have been targetting…

Twitter Initially Censors ‘Illegal Alien,’ ‘Criminal Alien’ Phrases as …

…are infinitely less offensive than the verbalised ‘thoughts’ of ugly brutes ( with uglier mouths) like The Warthog O’Donnell and The Gorgon Griffin.

NB – in the ‘illegal alien’ case, Twitter’s far-left overseers were forced to reverse their suppression of grammatically and legally correct English phrases, but a tactical retreat is no defeat- the pro-crimmigrant prigs will for sure try again!

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Answer if you will those questions, but by tomorrow, one hopes, a bigger  – or at least more immediately important – question will be answered.

Will United States Senators allow themselves to be swayed by hideous hags…foulmouth

….like those foul-mouths O’Donnell and Griffin, when it comes time to vote on Judge Kavanaugh?


PS = Still not fired up enough? Watch this?