BBC Now BOASTs of Aiding and Abetting Illegals!

Just got myself settled down earlier, to be outraged by BBC’s regular bias eruption, aka Dateline…


bbc propag

(more of that in the next post!)

…with a big plate of nasi putih and rendang on my lap…

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…at 3-30pm local time – a very late brunch, I suppose – when the screen featured a self-promotional ad for how wonderful BBC reporting is.

The blurb comprised a number of talking-heads, gabbling beebily, and in amongst them was that Arab bint they hired a while back, Nawal al-Maghafi.


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There she was, on some dark shore, telling the camera in hushed tones that those behind her were “terrified because the Greek Police could come and pick them up at any time..”

If I were in Greece, unless I were up to no good, I’d not be ‘terrified’ of an encounter with the Greek police.

In the late 60s, they did drop by the beach at Kontokali, to tell us back-packers we weren’t allowed to sleep there, but there weren’t mean, simply doing their job.

We moved on, being honest young folk.

Clearly, the BBC bint was on another, Aegean beach, and she was with people whose lawless activity was not something into which they’d welcome the attention of law enforcement.

Yet there was Nifty Nawal, darling of Broadcasting House!

One has to ask.

If those murky figures in the background were predators, prowling in readiness to leap on on a passing girl…

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…or muggers, lying in wait for a defenceless granny, would Nifty Nawal be lowering her tones, lurking there, making no attempt whatsoever to raise the alarm?

Or would she, like any honourable woman, run as fast as she could to fetch the police and have the lawless lowlifes taken into custody before their intended lawless actions went ahead?




Judging from her irresponsible lurking in the BBC ad, she preferred to loiter complicitly while illegal activity was in progress.

How bare-faced does the BBC’s  irresponsible collaboration with crimmigrants go?