Austria’s Hate Symbol Ban – Why Exclude Hammer And Sickle?

Having just read that Austria is about to outlaw the display of additional ‘extremist symbols…’ a move aimed at supporters of Croatia’s WW2 Ustase regime,my curiosity was piqued.

What symbols are already banned?

One imagines the Swastika is one such, given that Austrian Nazis welcomed the dissolution of their country’s sovereignty in the 1938 Anschluss.



But is the Verbot on Hitler’s symbol matched by a similar ban on the most evil symbol in modern history?

Communism has been responsible for more deaths than any other ideology.

communism tyranny

Under its evil Hammer and Sickle, demonic dictatorships have oppressed, and still oppress, millions of innocent people, using torture, indoctrination and every other terrible tool known to mankind.

We read on, learning that the ‘new law, expected to go into force on 1 March 2019, should cover different groups and organisations such as the Sunni Islamist Muslim Brotherhood organisation, the Turkish Grey Wolves ultranationalist group, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Hamas, as well as fascist insignia…’


I’m not sure if banning symbols is either wise or effective, but if Austria is drawing up a list of undesirable insignia, of course the monstrous Ikhwan ( the MB ) 100% deserves inclusion.


Ms Clinton with one deplorable she likes – MB’s Egyptian racist Morsi!

Apes and Pigs’ Morsi Presides Over Hell! 

But while few would disagree that the Muslim Brotherhood is a monstrous outfit whose symbol is an affront…


….surely it’s nowhere near as blood-drenched as the satanic mark of marxism.