Gaystapo Thwarted By UK Court!

So the ‘gay’ cake case’  – a perverse jihad launched by a trouble-making queer against honourable Christian bakers  – has ended…


‘Gay cake’ row: Supreme Court rules in favour of Ashers

………with a result that deserves a response of loud applause from decent people everywhere, and not just in Ulster, where Ashers bakery is located.

One can only feel contempt for the humiliated homo plaintiff, who could easily have found another place to order his ( its!) confectionary for whatever perverted celebration was planned.

All the worst elements in the United Kingdom were salivating at the prospect of putting the Christians down.


Like the case in the USA, where the local gaystapo scum were happily ruled out of order…….we know that getting cakes they crave is not at all what motivates them.

All they really, really want is to trample down civil and religious liberties, using tax-funded pro-homo agencies, like the so-called ‘Equality Commission’ in the UK, to pursue their inquisition through courts which all too often have shown themselves detached both from British values and any concept of natural justice,



So today’s result is a refreshing relief, a slap in the make-up caked faces of every mincing militant maladjust in the realm.