Bring Back Hanging? Maggie Was Right!

No, this is no Thatcherite nostalgia post…


….thatcherthough one does miss The Iron Lady!


Three cheers for The Widow.





That’s what wicked Negan calls Maggie, who is now elected leader of the human outposts menaced by zombies in The Walking Dead.




And she’s doing a grand job, having instituted capital punishment and hung Gregory by the neck until dead.



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A man who turned his coat again and again, and finally got a dupe to try and murder Maggie.
He’ll not be missed.

Alas, Rick Grimes, who has long been the hero of the series, went pinko at the end of last season, and refused to have Negan put to death after defeating his forces in a grand battle.

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Negan and Rick

Negan is steeped in evil, given to clubbing prisoners to death regardless of their innocence or guilt.

Rick was a mug to spare him, and, mark my words, the fiend will escape and cause more trouble.
Rick’s moral decline is made manifest by his evident disapproval of Gregory’s well-deserved fate, so a power struggle is building up.


I waited till today before publishing this, so all afficionados had time to enjoy Monday’s premiere.

No fun spilling the beans before they too could applaud the sight of Swinging Greg!