Get On Your Broomstick, Witch!

How dare this sleazy old witch – yes, I refer to the spouse of America’s most notorious sex-predator – pour scorn on the UK Tories for making one of the few good moves they’ve made in years.



The perpetually sore loser showed her true Sorosoid colours with a bizarre bleat, claiming that –

They’ve come a long way from the party of Churchill and Thatcher.”

In what way?

’Conservative MEPs were ordered to oppose disciplinary action against the Hungarian government over their attacks on ethnic minorities and the rule of law.’

The RT journo could have more accurately told the story by replacing the rubbish about  attacks on ethnic minorities and the rule of law’ with more truthful words, viz.,’ their curbs on illegal immigration and their shut-down of foreign-funded agitprop outfits…’



…but let’s leave that for now.

In fact the UK Tories’ support for Hungary, while laudable, was hardly whole-hearted, as the RT reporter notes-

Tory MEPs were urged to distance themselves from Orban after the vote…

Theresa May’s Strasbourg Slug team were not acting in solidarity but merely due to legalistic arguments.

But this is all beside the point.

Clinton should not be flying into Britain to bray like a jackass in this manner.




Like Obama’s arrogant attempt at meddling in the Brexit debate…

Remember Obama’s Brexit Rant? 

…Clinton’s sniping is unwelcome and offensive.

In millenial-jerk-spewk, it is INAPPROPRIATE!

It has, moreover, no basis in the historical comparisons she ignorantly constructs.

Viktor Orban’s Hungarian Government is taking on the same aggressive Eurocratic elite whom Maggie T detested..



…and Orban’s vision of a civilised European alliance, based on the traditional values of Christendom, would have accorded well with Churchill’s ideas on European unity ( NOT unification!) which of course did not envisage the UK having any part of such a scheme.


He looked to a tripartite relationship between America, Europe AND the British Empire!

Clinton should shut her big mouth, but she probably won’t – Billy Boy doesn’t like his women to do that, as we all know!