Think Again, KL – Terrorists Deserve Death!

Sad to see Malaysia is about to abolish the death penalty, but sadder still to watch the Australian news channel here in Jakarta, which, with typical heavy-handed left-liberal bias, only had one guest allowed on to comment, some bint linked to the Bar Association in KL.


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Sure, the bint’s entitled to her arrogant elitist opinions, like how ordinary folks in Malaysia would need to have it ‘explained’ to them what a wonderful thing abolition is.



Condescending cow!

Sure, it will be just jim-dandy to let scum who rape and murder children escape the justice which only capital punishment ensures.

But if ABC had ANY pretensions to fair and honest coverage of the news, they’d have found one of the many millions of Malaysians who undoubtedly disagree with this ill-thought-out scheme.

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Regardless of the pinko hacks who run state broadcasting in Oz and the lefty lawyers in their own country,  the decision belongs to the people, who should protest against politicians who won;’t consult them.

With a rise in Islamist extremism, and regular reports of terrorist activity in the peninsular monarchy  –

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 –  there’s a strong case for the death penalty, at least for those guilty of involvement in jihadist murder gangs.