Ask A Silly Question,France24!

Sycophantically serving Le Muppet’s Europhiliac and pro-crimmigrant agenda, and perhaps unwilling to ask one easy-to-answer question, namely…

‘The Macron effect: What explains French president’s unpopularity?’




…the inimitable France24, the state broadcaster which depends on public funding to maintain its propaganda output…


…instead asks another, even easier-to answer…

‘The Salvini effect: What explains Italian interior minister’s popularity?’

I have chosen not to delve into whatever snide drivel F24 dishes up, since the obvious answer to the Salvini question is another question, viz.

What’s not to like?



Salvini makes speeches before elections and then, after the votes are counted, he does his best to fulfil the promises therein.

He represents the will of the people, the majority of Italians who were never asked if they wanted a horde of alien primitives let into their country.

He talks straight, no mealy-mouthed mincing of his words, as when this week, referring to the sorry sack of wine who runs the EUSSR, he said he ‘only talks to sober people.’



Can you imagine Theresa the Appeaser describing Britain’s arch-enemy in such forthright terms?

Not a chance!

She seems instead to embrace The Drunkard’s hostile arrogance.


theresa junkcer judas

So no wonder Salvini’s popular!

Wait till tomorrow or the next day, for –

Ask A Silly Question II….