‘Asylum’ Savages Amok In Italy!

Some 50 migrants attacked and injured two police outside a migrant camp in Foggia on Monday…  http://www.ansa.it/english/news/general_news/2018/10/08/50-migrants-attack-2-police_2ab1ae1a-2ce9-4392-aacb-8a6e643686ae.html



The report from the ANSA news agency tells us that the scene of the outbreak of crimmigrant savagery was not just some ‘camp’ but an official ‘asylum seeker processing centre,’ so while it’s a pity the cops didn’t just draw their guns and make a dent on the statistics of aliens living/leeching off the tax-payer at Borgo Mezzanone…


….it shouldn’t be too difficult for the police to identify the scum who ‘punched and kicked’ their colleagues.

Once that’s done, there should be immediate action to reject all claims from those involved in the mayhem…




…and deport them as soon as transport back to where they came from is made ready.

As for the murderous brute whose attempt to knock them down initiated the incident, ‘a 26-year-old Gambian,‘ he has been arrested. Let’s hope he gets a sentence appropriate to attempted murder, a few decades at least.

But it’s the tail-end of the report that astounds me.

The Italian police union, SAP, has apparently felt obliged to ask for “greater safeguards for police operating on the street, such as tasers for example,” which makes my expectation, above, that the savages be shot down, rather unrealistic, to say the least.

When I travelled around Italy, years ago, I clearly remember Italian police wearing side-arms.

Is this no longer the case?
If so, it’s not tasers that Interior Minister Salvini should be asked for, but lethal hand-guns…

Image result for hand-gun

… and along with those, unequivocal authority to use them, on violent rabble like those savages in Borgo Mezzanone.