Drain The School Swamp – Fire Bad Teachers!

Good to see that a ‘teacher’ who used social media to relish the thought of murdering Brett Kavanaugh is no longer employed.

Better still to see that her gawping, vacuous face is now all over social media too.

And her name.


Image result for samantha Ness

Samantha Ness.

One hopes she will be greeted appropriately by decent Americans wherever she goes.


But what about the British headlines a few days ago, some red nazi scumbag, another so-called ‘teacher,’ who victimised a school-boy, detention for saying he supported UKIP!


bad teachers


An apology is not good enough. This left bigot slug should have been dismissed at once.

And what’s with the great UK media, whose ‘investigative journalism’ skills appear to be inadequate to their obvious duty to name and shame the swine.


Related image

Decent Brits should be in a position to recognise and address the swine by name every time it walks down any UK street.