France24’s Fake ‘Debate’ Insults Audience’s Intelligence

France24 is SO bare-faced in its leftist bigotry!


They staged a grand ‘debate’ yesterday, on the recent vote by the Strasbourg Slugs to trigger the sticky-beak Article 7.


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Rename Strasbourg ‘The Anti-European Parliament!’ 

I was impressed when I saw two guests sitting there, and hoped to hear a stirring clash between those who hate Viktor Orban’s government and those who defend it.

Har har har


First we met a stern-faced Hungarian leftist MEP, not surprisingly from the Strasbourg Green bloc…


….who was duly introduced, and instantly launched into a typical tirade. Benedek Javor rabbited on as one would expect, yabba, yabba, ad infinitum.

Ho hum!

Then we had our eagerly-awaited chance to hear a rebuttal of the leftist, a long overdue taste of proper balance on this particular part of the media…



…and the mediator, a suitably red-headed occasional Guardian scribbler named Catherine Nicholson, told us that her other guest was Sajjad Karim, of the United Kingdom’s Conservative MEP group.


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THEN she added that most of that group had indeed voted against the motion…

…EXCEPT Karim, who’d abstained!

And when Karim got started, instead of defending Hungary, he rolled out all the usual vicious hogwash, the ‘anti-semitic’ slur which is simply a lie, and the invocation of the nonsense word ‘Islamophobia’ – a little rant which could as easily have come from Green Javor!

So viewers were denied ANY opportunity of hearing Hungary’s case, to laud Orban’s fight against Sorosoid evil…





…or to praise Hungary’s valiant resistance to the primitive incursions incited by Mama Stasi Merkel.

Karim himself admitted he had abstained purely on legalistic grounds, that he didn’t see how the written rules around Article 7 justified a vote either for or against.

If F24 had even a vague interest in a genuine debate, they had almost TWO HUNDRED MEPs they could have brought on, including Hungarians, Poles, Brits, French and Germans, who would not only have given as good as they got, defending Orban as keenly and courageously as Orban defends Europe…


Election! As Soros’s “NGOs” Rage Against Whistle-Blower! 

…but also provided viewers with something other than the pathetic echo-chamber effect we had to put up with.

The people who run that propaganda channel not only openly sided with Europe’s Enemy Within but simultaneously insulted their audience’s intelligence by calling it a ‘debate.’



It goes to show how far the collaborationist media will go to prevent us hearing the arguments of those who value sovereignty, tradition and the heritage of Christendom which the Brussels Empire is determined to erase..