Viva ( Miss) Colombia! A Brave Beauty!

Paying more attention to Latin America as a result of Bolsonaro’s splendid result in Brazil, I was drawn this week to news from Colombia, which is in fact one South American country I have had occasion to comment on in recent months.

Colombian Sell-Out Santos Crawls To Reds, Betrays Democracy

However this time it’s not a political issue that makes me put finger to keyboard, but a beautiful young woman…


Related image Valeria Morales


…which is an agreeable change, rest assured!

Everybody likes lovely ladies, especially those unashamed to display their God-given good looks..


…like that Muslim Miss America we featured a while back!


And when they talk sense as well as acting sensibly, all the better.

Hence my enthusiasm for the new Miss Colombia, Valeria Morales!

Valeria is less than impressed by the bizarre behaviour of the organisers of Miss Universe, a title once held by another yummy wench…


…who eight years ago adorned our pages, but which has for several years now been debased by whichever nutjobs issued the decree that trans-freaks were eligible to compete.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Spain, a once wholesome nation recently beset by irrational impulses – Spain’s Irrepressible Suicide Urge! – has chosen as its contestant a ‘trans-sexual.’

Given what has been happening to beauty contests in this twilight zone era..

…who knows but that the strange Spanish creature might take the crown!

So all credit to Valeria, for having the guts to say out loud what all normal people think!

“I believe that a beauty pageant like Miss Universe is for women who are born women!”