Khashoggi Controversy – Learning By Reading!

Like most people, I have been aghast at the reports of murder and dismemberment coming out of Turkey…



…but then I started to read more about Khashoggi.

As the media gets noisier and noisier about the various and possibly horrific fates of one of its own…

Trump Jr. retweets unsubstantiated claim on missing Saudi journalist

…and since CNN shrinks from calling the above-mentioned report ‘false’ – substituting the ‘weasel word ‘unsubstantiated’ to describe something so substantial it can be photographed –  I have been begun absorbing some facts which CNN etc. overlook.

I recommend readers do the same.


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Patrick Poole@pspoole

If CNN gets its subversive knickers in a twist over revelations that it can’t refute…

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