Pro-Crimmigrant Defames Cops, Supranational Slugs Rush To The Rescue!

Having criticised French courts often enough…

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…a bouquet today for a change, to the  court in Boulogne-sur-Mer which found Loan Torondel guilty of criminal libel not long ago.

The pro-crimmigrant ‘activist’ sadly got a mere suspended fine, but it might teach the turd a lesson, or maybe not.

He tweeted an offensive image of a whining alien sponger and two cops, but instead of using a cartoon, he included a photo of two real policemen doing their duty.


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You can read more about his infantile slur here  – – but what got my attention was not the court case so much as the arrogant aliens involved…




….and I do not mean the crimmigrant pictured by Torondel but rather the uppity United Nations sticky-beaks, demanding that such cases cease.

”…the UN special rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression and the representative on freedom of the media of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), together...

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….with the Organization of American States special rapporteur for freedom of expression, have concluded that criminal defamation is “not a justifiable restriction on freedom of expression” and have called for the abolition of such laws.

Are those supranational UN and OSCE slugs French? No?

In which case they should be told to butt out!




And that certainly goes for the OAS nosey-parker! La Belle France is in Europe, not the Americas!

Nor does this nonsense stop there.

Get this!

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…the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights special rapporteur on freedom of expression and access to information noted that criminal defamation laws are “a traditional threat to freedom of expression.”

‘African Commission?’

Sod off, sunshine.


Or less subtly, take your fancy title and your impertinent inclination to interfere and…




Africans face plenty of ‘threats’ to all manner of ‘rights’ in your own continent, so keep your meddling to yourselves!

Unless you’re French, put a sock in it.

But in fairness,the report does quote one French critic, though it does NOT quote one person of any nationality who, like you and me, applauds the ruling.

This sentence sets a dangerous precedent and is symptomatic of the pernicious ways French authorities seek to obstruct the work of humanitarian volunteers working with migrants and asylum seekers.”

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That yelp was emitted by one Benedicte Jeannerod (above) described as ‘France director at Human Rights Watch.’

HRW is notorious for its regular cheer-leading on behalf of illegals…

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…so it’s hardly worthy of response.

Far better, surely, to congratulate the cops and the court for doing something to curb the curs who offensively denigrate law enforcement!

BTW, Torodel seems to be averse to productive work, having ‘spent two years with the nongovernmental organization L’Auberge des Migrants in Calais, initially as a volunteer and then as head of its operations there, until July 2018, when he left to resume his studies..’

I wonder what he’s studying? Sociology? Gender studies? Migration law?

But let’s move on, to the sophistry deployed by the meddlers, viz.

.’..defamation laws – civil or criminal – “should never be used to prevent criticism of government” and “should reflect the principle that public figures are required to tolerate a greater degree of criticism than private citizens…’

OK, much fun is indeed to be derived from mockery of Muppet Macron and Mama Stasi Merkel.



We do it all the time!

But these litigants were not, by ANY stretch of the imagination, “public figures!”

They were, are, two ordinary police officers, doing their difficult, and often dangerous, jobs, and spreading their photographs across the social media swamp is unacceptable.

Indeed, it’s arguably exposing them to the risk of being singled out by migrant savages or vicious red nazi antifa hoodlums…



…, as border security officers have been threatened in the USA!

Antifa Compares ICE With Gestapo, Calls for ‘Slaying’ Agents….

It’s worth reading the whole bucket of B/S – – to get the measure of the ‘rights’ whiners, who appear to think they should not even be issued parking tickets if they are on their subversive missions.

Scum of the earth, revelling in their persecution complexes!