Poles Stop Brussels Pandering To Perverts!

At least one country in Europe has its priorities right, more or less.

It makes agreeable reading, the EUObs report that ‘Poland has vetoed an EU human rights statement on the grounds that it covered gay people but not Christians and Jews.’




But only two out of three cheers, given the full explanation from the Ministry of Justice in Warsaw.

We proposed that recognising the need to protect Christians and Jews against religious discrimination be put on an equal footing with protecting the rights of people with a different sexual orientation, migrant children, or women,” the Polish justice ministry said on Thursday (11 October).  https://euobserver.com/justice/143100

Women of course deserve the same rights as men, but any declaration to that effect…



…without an explicit decree, outlawing sexist shariah law throughout Europe, is pointless.

As to the other categories, the term ‘migrant children,’ as understood by Brussels and its collaborators, means hulking brutes like those Amber Rudd improperly imported from Calais…



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…,and the predatory beasts we have noted in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and elsewhere.

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Children – real children – are prepubescent human beings, whereas many, if not most, of the so-called ‘unaccompanied minors’ were quite capable of unaccompanied violation of more than one border, to gain access to Europe’s yummy tax-troughs.




And the ‘orientation’ nonsense?

How much MORE agreeable, were we to read that it is an absurdity to talk of ‘rights’ for sexual perverts.


If they wish to seek remedial therapy for their off-putting carnal compulsions, that’s one thing.

But any measure, declaration or whatever, that seeks to put them on parity of esteem with decent normal folk is an affront.