A Filthy Freak, And Dangerous Too!

We wrote last week about St. Theresa Transgendria’s latest ‘consultation’ on transgender freaks, specifically ‘self-identifying’ what one is, though even a blind person must know if there’s a penis down there or something else.


Image result for penis women don't have

But this latest report from the USA shows us where such nonsense can lead.

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‘Karen’ White, 52,

Male rapist who identifies as ‘female’ transfers to women’s jail, assaults females

That thing up there is a man named Stephen Wood.

It calls itself Karen White, much as the traitor thing Bradley Manning now calls itself Chelsea Manning…

bradley maning

…but while Manning is disgracefully out of jail early thanks to Obama, and busily involved in the politics of his liberator’s Democrat Party, the less infamous thing is still behind bars.