Swiss Tell Fakers – If You Go Home, Stay Home!


Splendid Swiss decision, this, ‘to strip asylum from those travelling to their home country,’ an abuse reported often but so far rarely tackled by pro-crimmigrant governments.

We first noted a shocking example in Canada, where lying Tamils, given sanctuary on account of the terrible dangers they faced in Sri Lanka, were exposed for taking vacations back where they ‘fled’ from.

Mangy dishonest swine, yet we have never yet heard news of any Canadian Government kicking the scumbags out – if anyones does know of any such deportations, I’d be delighted to be stand corrected.

In Europe too, a lot of the recent horde have been caught going happily home for nice little holidays…

‘Desperate Migrants’ Demand ‘Asylum’ – Then Go Home for Holidays! 


Like Canada’s Tamils, ‘German’ Syrians Exposed -‘Fake Refugees!’ 

…yet how many of the scammers have been rounded up on their return to the European troughs they love to slurp at?

So good news that the Swiss reform was approved by 129 members of the National Council  but who are 57 who voted against?

Almost needless to say, the reform was put forward by the SVP/UDC – the Swiss People’s Party – who have been in the vanguard of all constructive moves on ‘migrant’ issues in Switzerland.

According to the news report, the case was successfully made that ‘returning home for a holiday or to visit parents proves the refugee is not threatened or persecuted there and should should lose their asylum rights.

Moreover, the argument was linked to facilitating identification of fake ‘refugees’ and the considersble number of economic migrants who have flooded Europe since the Merkel sell-out on 2015.

The measure, it was said, would contribute to ‘reducing the attractiveness of Switzerland as a destination.’


Now it’s up to the other branch of the legislature to get it passed and start the process of expulsion for every liar leeching off the Swiss tax-payers!