Awaiting Sentence? This UK ‘Soldier’ Deserves A Firing Squad!

So a piece of filth named Kyle Harris, who pled guilty to conspiracy to the illegal importation of Calais Curs, Iraqi and Syrian nationals…


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…into the country he took a soldier’s oath to defend, when he joined the Ist Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, is now ‘awaiting sentence?’

What kind of vermin are these days recruited to be soldiers of the Queen?


And more to the point…

What a pity the law does not allow the swine to be put up against a wall and shot!

We have lamented the soft, soppy sentences handed down to other scurvy rats convicted of bringing in undesirable illegals.

Crimmigration Collaboratrix Walks Free – Are ALL UK Judges Clueless? 


But this case is qualitatively different.

He was even said to have boasted to other soldiers in his regiment of his illegal activities.

British people admire their armed forces.

Who can forget that glorious day in London…


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…the Falklands Victory Parade, all of us cheering as loud as we could.

And since then we’ve had countless little marches by regiments through their home towns, local heroes back from one war or another, extolled as exemplars by every decent Brit…


SOLDIERS from East Anglia were heckled and branded “murderers” by Muslim anti-war protesters amid ugly scenes during a homecoming parade.

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…although not by vile treasonous scum whose alien allegiances should have been rewarded by public floggings followed by deportation.

But one expects no better from the sort of filth captured in that photo

Not so with pigs like Kyle Harris, whose sworn duty was to serve Queen and Country!

His sort of sleazy criminality soils the uniform of whichever regiment it represents.

He has admitted his guilt and been discharged from HM Forces – but that is not enough, not nearly enough.

When his photograph is published, it should be posted in every shop and pub in Britain…

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…where, once he is released from prison (which ought to be never!) he should be refused service and treated as a social leper.