Debate? France24 Stacks The Deck Again!

France24, the propaganda channel subsidised by French tax-payers, is beyond the pale in its grotesque bias, as yet another of its ‘Debates’ showed us once more.


A real ‘Debate’ requires balance, with two sides (or more) dishing it out, getting it back, challenging their opponents.

On the F24 farce this morning – entitled impartially and objectively, ‘The Nativist!’  – we had a collection of far-left fanatics, namely –


Image result for james cohen sorbonne


A ‘Professor of American Studies’ at Paris’s Sorbonne University, named James Cohen, whose ranting contribution went on and on, but can be reasonably summarised by his vacuous attack on President Trump for ‘criminalising migrants!’



Since we all saw them illegally forcing their way across the Mexican border, hard to argue that the lawless rabble aren’t ALL criminals!

Then we had John Zogby, an ‘American’ propagandist who seemed eager to outdo Cohen’s hateful harangue. Zogby serves on the board of the Arab-American Institute, and, wikipedia tells us, has been featured as a live television election analyst for such impartial media as ABC (Australia), BBC, CBC, and NBC News…

Not surprising, given his snarling animosities.


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Zogby got started by calling the President ‘cynical and callous!’  But you can watch the bigoted leftist for yourselves on the link above.

THEN we had a weedy little agitator named Antonio Arellano, long-distance from Houston…


Image result for antonio arellano


…where he runs an outfit called ‘Jolt Texas’ designed to stir up Hispanics against President Trump.

So that’s three Trump-loathing, pro-crimmigrant ranters.

How about a pro-Trump, anti-crimmigration voice?

Well, not quite.

We had ONE ‘Republican,’ an Ohio softy called Jai Chabria, but F24 keeps quiet about what kind of ‘Republican’ Jai really is – for that we need to do a spot of research – Jai Chabria, who once worked for Gov. John Kasich, a Trump critic and Republican establishment favorite…

And boy, did he live up to this description,snide stuff about Trump’s ‘extreme’ rhetoric.


PS After that, we had their yammering Aussie bint with her ‘women’ programme, ‘interviewing’   – aka fawning  – on a blonde leftist, introduced as somebody whose organisation existed to ‘mobilise women,’ but who quickly revealed herself as a dedicated opponent of Trump.

Any excuse!