Decent U.S. Diners Tell Off Pinko Lout!

I doubt I have ever said a kind word about Mitch McConnell. You can check the search box, if you wish.

But if I wandered into an eatery where he was having a bite of supper with his wife,  and I found myself in proximity to their table, the very last thing I’d think of doing would be to shout abuse at them.


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Mitch McConnell                                         So Far Unidentified Moronic Leftist Lout


Unlike the demented leftist moron you can see in the video here –  – I was brought up to be civil to people in my presence – even if I don’t much care for them.

Even when I shared a lift ( in a broadcasting building, years ago with three or four other people who included London’s notorious far-left Ken Livingstone, I merely observed that ‘I never thought I’d ever get this close to Red Ken!’


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The infamous lefty smiled nervously!

So it was great to see that numerous decent Americans made clear their disapproval of the pinko slob as he was quite properly escorted out.

Has he been identified yet?

More specifically, have his usual dining-out venues!

Sauce for GOP Goose therefore sauce for Wild Boor?