Death Threats For Breakfast? Red Nazis In Tennessee!

Because I have a lot of readers in the USA, I get a lot of news feed sent in to me, so much that I can’t always use it.

But earlier today I was sent this, quoting one of the most admirable Senate candidates, Marsha Blackburn, on how red nazi scum have targeted a small business in a small town there.


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One of my team’s favorite local restaurants in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, was kind enough to open their doors to us and rent out their restaurant space so we could host a grassroots breakfast while we were out on the campaign trail.

“The restaurant owner, Tom, posted a photo to social media and soon started receiving death threats while his staff have been victims of verbal attacks.

They called Tom a “Nazi sympathizer” and have vowed to punish his business….

We know the kind of vermin who wage this kind of weasel war.


We have seen them in action all over the world.



They are terrorists and should not be suffered to operate, or indeed exist, in Tennessee or in any civilised community.


I had some nice times in Tennessee on one of my gallivants, saw the Chattanooga Choo-Choo…


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…and enjoyed the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

The folks I met there were nice and friendly, but clearly there are nasty hoodlums in every state in every country.

Only nasty hoodlums would even contemplate threatening the owner of an eatery for the sin of serving breakfasts to paying guests.

If they seek to put their gutless threats into action, make any moves against honest citizens, one must hope the attackers will be apprehended…

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…or better still shot in the act!