More UN ‘Rights’ Rot! Naughty France Must End Bag-Head Ban!

Hey, It’s United Nations Day again…United Nations Day? Scrap That Organised Hypocrisy! 

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…so let’s take look at another aspect of that evil entity.


The UN committee is comprised of independent experts who ensure that countries comply with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The thing about the ‘rights experts’ whom the United Nations uses as anti-sovereignty hit-men is that the media reports their self-righteous and self-important hectoring of countries as if their opinions are any more worth listening to than a rat’s fart…


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…but at the same time the media never seem too eager to report how much money these uppity flunkeys cost us.

It must be a pretty penny.

American readers will be a tad relieved that many of their pennies are now,  thanks to Donald Trump, no longer poured into the UN ‘rights’ sewer…


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…but all you British and Canadian and Australian tax-payers are still stumping up, not only for the latest scandalous insults hurled at France…



…UN has ruled that France’s ban on the niqab – the Islamic veil that covers the face – is in breach of human rights and has ordered the country to review its legislation.

….but at similar previous nosey-parker nonsense against your own countries…

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The committee has given France 180 days to report back with an outline of what action it is going to take.

Yes, France, take your time, and wait and see, if Muppet Macron bends the knee.



“In particular, the Committee was not persuaded by France’s claim that a ban on face covering was necessary and proportionate from a security standpoint or for attaining the goal of ‘living together’ in society…” 


Does the UN advertise these ‘independent rights expert’ jobs?

I have yet to see such an ad in the Situations Vacant columns of the Jakarta Post, but then…

A  . I don’t read the jobs section, being agreeably retired, and

B  . It is likely UN sticky-beak posts will be advertised in the larger Left media, the Guardian, NYT, Deutsche Welle, etc..

What qualifications are expected?

An endless capacity for sanctimonious bluster, obviously, as well as either innate or intensively self-taught double-standards, as with the demand just made on France to undo its bag-head ban.

Until the same committee declares for a worldwide ban on the shariah sexism which blights the lives of women in Dark Age dumps like Iran, civilised countries like France should tell the UN to take its diktat and…