Sport? Disqualify Freako Shemales!

Of course it’s not fair, an ill-deserved award which makes a mockery of sport.

A Canadian transgender athlete has been slammed by a competitor after becoming the first to win a cycling world championship. 

‘Not fair’: Runner-up fumes over transgender world champion

Decent Canadians can take no pride in the ‘triumph’ of this thing. But it has surely got the logic correct when it says –

“We cannot have a woman legally recognised as a trans woman in society, and not be recognised that way in sports…”

What all decent people should be doing, therefore…


…is to STOP women being recognised as ‘men!’

And please note, that Canadian thing is absolutely indifferent to the basics of sport –

“Focusing on performance advantage is largely irrelevant because this is a rights issue…”

Bugger ‘rights!’

No, that’s not a new ‘LGBT’ slogan demanding fresh privilege for aifficionados of unnatural sex. It’s how more and more normal people must be feeling about the ever-shriller queer cacaphony.

The cacaphony is made to seem universal, yet this fuss over  ‘rights’ is really just an obsession found among the degenerate left-liberal in-crowd…


…except of course when real rights, such as the right of every nation to preserve its identity and defend its borders, arise for debate.