Bristol, UK – Dumbo Feminists Hate The Sight Of Beauty!

‘Selling a line of bathing suits using an image of someone wearing one of those bathing suits is far from an absurd idea. In fact, some people might even call it normal.’

Anyone with a normal brain would agree.

But not some jackess (did I coin a new word, the feminine form of the word jackass?) named Nicola Round, who has raised a ruckus in Bristol – unfortunate city to be the scene of a ‘sexism’ row, given that UK slang for breasts is ‘bristols!’ – about this perfectly reasonable and certainly unsalacious advertising poster.

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The girls in the poster are a delight to behold, and if Nutjob Nicola objects to the fact that they have obvious appeal, one has to ask the obvious question – would she rather have bathing suits advertised by grossly obese grotbags, like  Rosie ‘Warthog’ O’Donnell?

Not that all fat, ugly women share “Warthog’s” foul mind and foul mouth!


Ugly O’Donnell- The Warthog Wallows Ever Deeper! 


The article which put me onto this story came not from the UK but from National Review, written by a smart lady named Kat Timpf.

I salute her determination to uncover idiocies like this and as a thank-you for providing me with something to write about this morning, I append her appeal for support for the long-established part of the conservative media she writes for.

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