Big Day In Brazil – Bolsonaro OK!

Elections not only in the German state of Hessen today, where even the Guardian’s headline gives us reasons to be cheerful – Angela Merkel prepares for second electoral disaster in Hesse

…with every likelihood that the patriot party, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) will comfortably enter Hesse’s parliament for the first time….


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…but also in one of the world’s biggest countries, where it looks likely to be a big win for a man the Left loves to hate.


Jair Bolsonaro


Jair Bolsonaro has been the target not only of Brazilian leftist media, who are eager to rescue the lack-lustre candidacy of his opponent, a man so devoid of commitment to democratic principles that he has taken a Communist Party hackette as his running mate.

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Manuela D’Avila, Communist wannabe VP

….but also of France24, which on Saturday morning reported breathlessly that the front-runner has described homosexuality as ‘abnormal,’ as if Bolsonaro’s stating the obvious were some sort of cause for dismay.

The gap has narrowed but the good guy is still ahead.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

If Comrade Haddad wins, then his unrepentant red VP pick D’Avila will be within a heart-beat of the presidency.

Good Luck, Bolsonaro!


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