Another Slap On The Berlin Bitch’s Snout

Now the AfD patriot party has representation in every single state parliament in Germany, as well of course as being the main opposition party in the Reichstag.

Good news indeed, but it will be even better if there’s a knock-on effect that pushes Mama Stasi Merkel out of power…




….a fate the evil old bitch most certainly deserves for the way she has blighted her country.

It looks like the leftist voters in Hessen have rearranged themselves in much the same way as they did in Bavaria…


green party red


…a chunk of them giving up on the Socialist SPD and shifting to the equally leftist Greens.

Both parties are noted for their pro-crimmigrant stance, even worse than Merkel’s, and distinguished by their hankering for anti-democratic action against patriots.

What’s next?

If the wounded SPD bottles out of the federal coalition in consequence, a national election could be coming up soon.

And THAT would afford the AfD  the chance to exceed their previous excellent results.


The more powerful the patriots become, the sooner Germans can hope to see significant numbers of Merkel’s undesirable aliens deported back to where they belong.