Honduras Horde White-Washed By France24’s Foul Flunkey!

France24 continues to act as the broadcasting hit-man for America’s pro-crimmigrant, Trump-hating Media-Democrat party.


Their Washington correspondent, a poncey-voiced Englishman named Philip Crowther, whom we have previously identified as a purveyor of fanatical Trumpophobia…


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Philip Crowther also contributes to broadcasts on CNN, MSNBC, CCTV-America, and other major news networks…


…was just on as I came home from Puri Indah mall,  where I had been shopping  – potatoes on discount!

Crowther is a typical arrogant slug, presenting his opinions as fact…

media bias

….two prize examples today being his contemptuous dismissal of President Trump’s characterisation of the threat from the violent and lawless Honduras horde as an  intended ‘invasion.’

‘Invasion’ would seem, to most rational people, the ideal word for an advancing rabble, 4000-strong…

Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the U.S., gesture while arriving to the border between Honduras and Guatemala, in Agua Caliente, Guatemala October 15, 2018. 


….which has shown itself ready to use violence and to be uninterested in asylum, as witness their indifference to Mexico’s offer of sanctuary on preferential terms.


Says Creepo Crowther, “It is not, of course!”

‘A security threat?’ as The Donald, again, with every justification, has said,

Says Creepo Crowther, “It is not.”

Turning the truth inside out!

Creepo told viewers around the world that the border security measures announced by The Donald have been taken purely as part of the run-up to the USA’s mid-term elections. 

Seems more likely to me that, whoever organised the mob, it was  timed carefully to re-energise far-left voters after their Kavanaugh knock-back…

millenial..oops!  Wrong pic, but okay – UK millenials are just as dim-witted as their American counterparts!


…when all those lying hags failed to block the SCOTUS nomination.

Oh, and BTW, Creepo tells us that his media comrades KNOW there is no truth in assertions that gangsters and terrorists are among the hoodlum rabble.


Because Creepo Crowther claims that ‘journalists’ have spoken to ‘most’ of them.


To 3900 of the alien louts and loutesses?



Hard to believe, but then the journo jerks evidently believe anything they’re told, except when it’s the President of the USA that’s doing the telling!

Imagine the interviews the media vermin carried out on the road with the ratbags.

“Tell me, senor,are you a member of an Hispanic rape-gang?”

“Oh, no sir, not me!”



“May I ask, senora,is that quiet man dozing under the tree over there, is heby any chance a terrorist?”

“Mama mia, no way, Jose, he is my loving husband!”

Get real, Crowther,you bigoted blathering creep.