Project Fear! Disgraced Euro-Fanatic Stokes Ass-Wipe Panic!

And is this the most absurd yet?

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Brexit could wipe out our supply of toilet paper

The ultra-scare story is available, for your no doubt fascinated perusal, in a bizarre Europhiliac far-leftist propaganda thing called ‘The New European…’

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…and it’s a rant based on the insights into toilet paper of that disgraced and utterly disgraceful fanatic Denis McShane, whom we have featured once or twice in our bog.


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Guardian Hands Europhiliac Ex-Con A Megaphone! 

The New European is an online rag run by Labour oafs, from the sound of it, having listened to their anti-Ulster ‘podcast’ -which is just a series of offensive personal attacks on the DUP leader Arlene Foster blended with the sort of simple-minded political analysis you might get in a Glasgow bar from a drunken Celtic supporter.

But really, can they not do better than a toilet-paper scare?