BBC Trump-Bashers Again Break Their Word!

I get weary writing up the crass and viciously orchestrated bias with which BBC’s notorious Dateline is imbued.


This past weekend, they showed yet again their contempt for the state broadcaster’s basic obligation to be fair, impartial and or objective.



Aaah, but THIS time they DID have a columnist from a Conservative newspaper.


…Janet Daly, who we spotted many months ago as anything but a conservative…


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  • Janet Daly, of the Telegraph, who said That if Trump wins, ‘we’re finished.

    We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ -BBC 

    …and just as that bare-faced lie turned out to be a bare-faced lie, so too did the old baggage turn out to be one of the most spittle-flecked Trumpophobes on the panel.


    All four guests were of course Trumpophobes, but Daly’s dismal diatribe was arguably the most egregious.

    She chose to run off at the mouth on The Donald’s perfectly rational and irrefutable description of the lowest of the low-lifes among America’s illegals.  Daly took incredible exception to the President’s use of the word ‘infested’ in the context of crimmigrants.




    ‘Infestation’ is frequently applied to rats and similar vermin. So one might debate him on that basis.

    Rats, after all, are not believed to be guided by any moral compass, so are clearly more valuable creatures than scum like the Latin American gangsters OF WHOM PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS SPEAKING!

    Those were his targets when he used the word that got the old bat’s knickers in such a twist.

    The SunApr 22, 2017
    VIOLENT gang MS-13 is one of the world’s most feared criminal outfits and boasts around 30,000 members around the globe. 

    What is the MS-13 gang, what has Donald Trump said and what does …

    May 28, 2018 · US President Donald Trump has declared war on the gang..

    But Daly’s no kid. She’s way old enough to know very well why and when and about whom The Donald was talking.

    She’s no more a ‘conservative’ than the BBC is an impartial broadcaster.