Foreign Queers Interfere – But Taiwan’s Fighting Back!

Organisers estimated a turnout of 137,000, including many overseas participants.

A police estimate was not immediately available.

Interesting to note the intrusion into a debate on Taiwan’s basic values of ‘many’ aliens, including, according to the very first words of the Star’s report, individuals dressed as flamboyant drag queens and horned devils…



Just what every parent hopes to see as role models for their children!

There’s to be a referendum on 24th November – in fact more than one referendum!

Decent Taiwanese have organised and got enough signatures to force a vote after the high court usurped democracy and ruled absurdly that perverts had a ‘right’ to ‘marry’ each other.

But, as ever never satisfied, the pro-homo lobby is embroiled in another fight, facing popular resistance on gaystapo indoctrination  of school-children.

Another referendum is to be held on the same day, with Taiwanese to vote on this key question –



“Do you agree that provisions in the Enforcement Rules for Gender Equity Education Act (性別平等教育法施行細則) concerning homosexuality education should not be implemented at the elementary and junior-high school levels?”

If schools were warning youngsters against the brain-washing which accompanies ‘gender equity education…’


Primary School in London Makes 6-Year-Olds Write LGBT Love Letters –…/primary-school-london-6-year-olds-write-lgbt-l.


…and many Taiwanese must certainly have read about the disgusting way the gaystapo gang are poisoning young minds in Britain…


AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE Anti-gay marriage protesters display the number of anti-gay marriage petition signatures outside Taiwan's Central Election Commission in Taipei on August 28, 2018. Photo by Sam Yeh/AFP

Pro-decency campaigners in Taiwan, showing the number of signatures collected


…then teaching the kids to avoid dabbling in sexual aberration would be all well and good.

But of course that’s emphatically NOT what such ‘education’ involves.

It’s all about coercing kids into thinking that men buggering men is somehow normal, and this normalisation of perversion is what has to be fought.



Good luck to the good Taiwanese fighting for their traditional values!