Guy Fawkes Rehabilitation Night?

Back in The Old Country, on 5th November every year, there are bonfires and fireworks to celebrate the failure of some conspirators to blow up the Palace of Westminster ( better known as Parliament) in 1605.



In view of how the majority of MPs now appear to be eager to betray the British people’s referendum vote for freedom, I wonder if the celebrants these days might be thinking more in terms of honouring ‘The Guy,’ rather than burning him in effigy.


Guy Verhofstadt

Heil Soros! Unspeakable Guy Defends Plutocrat Meddling! 

Ooops, wrong Guy photo…though seeing lots of effigies of that blathering Belgian go up in smoke would be an inspiring sight!


Then again, in many parts of the country, it used to be not Mr. Fawkes that was thus set on fire but the ‘Bishop of Rome whom some call Pope.’

Given the record of The Abominable Argie who currently holds that position…

Hey, Dope Francis, Bring Your Pedo-Priest To Justice! 

…not just in his highly questionable handling of the ‘pedophile priests’ scandal but also in his callous disregard for the safety of the people of Europe, especially women and girls..

Dope! “Prioritise Migrants’ Dignity Over National Security!”

Argie Dope’s Selective Prayers! 

I rather hope we may see a revival of that grand old tradition.