Is All Massachusetts Maladjusted?

We’ll find out on election day, when the state’s voters have a chance to erase a blot on their good name, namely a law that lets freaks use any toilet they feel like.




Trannie male maladjusts can simply claim to be female, then stride in the ladies’ restroom in any premises statewide.

In a more civilised age, such obnoxious creatures would have got the bum’s rush…


… and a boot in the bum for good measure!

But now even the ‘Republican’ governor, that pinko klutz Charles Baker, whom we have looked at already this election year…

Can People-Power Bring Boston Back To Decency? 

…has lined up with ‘NGO’ creeps, ‘business leaders,’ and of course the Media -Democrat Party, to browbeat voters into retaining this measure, which obviously puts women at risk from predators.

Massachusetts was founded by good, brave people.


It will be interesting to gauge how sick the heirs of the Pilgrim Fathers turn out to be.

Only very sick people could possibly endorse the freak-show statute that endangers innocents.

PS – my headline was deliberately hyperbolic. Of course not all those who dwell in the state are rotten.

Some are splendid, as for example the heroes and heroines of Mass Resistance, and here’s a good example of their heroic fightback against decadence.


..transgender bathroom pink

Are sickos now a majority in Massachusetts?