Czech Talks Sense – Kick Out Crimmigrants!

“They need to go home,” he said. “They have their culture, we have our culture … they have their values, but we want to keep [our] values,” he said.



Andrei Babis


EU states should expel the 618,780 migrants said by the European Commission to be “illegally” present in Europe…

Great words of wisdom from the Czech Republic’s PM!

But WHY has EUObserver put inverted commas around the word ILLEGALLY?

Either they are or they aren’t!

It’s like putting inverted commas around ‘present in Europe‘ – either they are here or they aren’t! Or if I send my friends in Europe an email and say that it’s a ‘sunny’ day here in Jakarta.

It’s not opinion – it’s fact.

Better to put the inverted commas around ‘values,’ because in all fairness, people who think it is acceptable to have multiple wives but not multiple husbands…


…or to give daughters a lesser share of a parental inheritance, cannot reasonably be seen as having ‘values’ in any sense comprehensible to civilised human beings.