Obama’s Rat-Pack, Armed Black Panthers – And A Snopes Far-Leftist!


black panthers


Now there’s a cheering sight for those who believe in democracy – a bunch of gunmen out there to show support for a far-left Democrat, the wannabe Governor of Georgia

They have been identified as ‘Black Panthers,’ and though Breitbart made much of this alarming scene, the sensible news-site did not delve into the history of how extreme leftist Democrats and armed Black Panther gangs are supportive of each other.

So I make no apology for piggy-backing the Breitbart report…


Hasil gambar untuk eric holder black panthers intimidation

…to remind you of how Obama’s racist flunkey ( aka ‘Attorney General ) Eric Holder used language back in the day, which was, and is, the very stuff of racism. 

Holder: Black Panther Case Focus Demeans ‘My People’

Holder went on to obstruct, whenever possible, state legislation aimed at preventing voter fraud.

He is a dangerous man, subversive of the rule of law.

We discussed him a number of years ago…

A Brief Tribute to Andrew Breibart

…and the racist rat-bag has not improved on his total lack of civic responsibility, as he showed us not long ago…


.Eric Holder says call to ‘kick’ Republicans was a metaphor


…despite subsequent wriggling.

We know what he represents.

We await with keen interest for news of either the Obamanoid candidate in Georgia, or any other promininent Democrats, disowning the endorsement of the armed gang in that Breitbart photo.


But there is a fascinating expose of a biased bigot named Bethania –https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2018/11/05/fact-checkerst-snopes-attempt-bail-out-stacey-abrams-armed-black-panthers-story   – used by the so-called ‘fact-checking ‘ Snopes site, in a bare-faced attempt to discredit the gang photo, the far-left clearly very upset by the damage it’s dong to that Obamanoid candidate.