‘Security Concerns’ Stop Oxford AfD Debate!

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Anti-racist campaigners had planned to protest at appearance by Alice Weidel of AfD

In a democracy, these ‘anti-racist’ agitators should of course be free to ‘protest’ about anything they like, as long as they are not trying to prevent other people enjoying their right to free speech.

Alice Weidel of the anti-immigration party Alternative for Deutschland
German patriot leader Alice Weidel of the AfD

But just about every paragraph in the Guardian report confirms that the far-left were not remotely concerned with ‘protesting’ but with suppression of Alice Weidel’s right to stand up and argue her case.

First we read that the anti-patriots ‘claimed a victory’ when Ms Weidel felt obliged to cancel her visit.

Again, we learn that the intolerant reds, whom the Guardian dubs ‘activists,’ were not interested in questioning the AfD leader about her policies but ‘had demanded the withdrawal’ of the invitation she’d had to face her critics at the Oxford Union.


The notorious ‘Stand Up To Racism’ gang’s local leader hailed the shut-down of free speech as “an important victory for anti-racists,” adding that her comrades had shown that “anti-racists can make a difference if they organise and mobilise” – in other words, the denial of a fair hearing for the German patriot was what they wanted all along, not to demonstrate their disagreement.

Then we read the usual hypocritical assertion by another leftist claiming to ‘support the value of free speech,’ then devaluing that support by making it conditional – “the union needs to be aware of the quagmire that’s caused by inviting people like Alice Weidel.”

By ‘people like Alice Weidel,’ of course, this extremist means anyone opposed to the migrant menace, anyone who recognises that imposed multicult is a dagger in the heart of nationhood.


Alice Weidel is absolutely entitled to make a speech anywhere, and I’m sure the Oxford students would have thrown plenty of tough questions her way.

Now, thanks to a red rat-pack, there will be no speech and no questions,