Visiting USA? Travel Heath Alert! Beware The SC-EW Virus!

I doubt I’ll be taking any trips to America anytime soon, though it would be nice to meet up with all those US readers who have been vigorously commenting recently.

They sound like a darn great bunch of folks.

But thanks to the far-left media – it’s not often I express any appreciation of that lot, but I have been keeping track of the election results via CNN in the absence of cable access to Fox!

…. I feel empowered to issue a travel warning which is unlikely to be on any of your embassy websites.


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Not just on the queer-infested Atlanta-based propaganda channel, but all over the place, hacks and hackettes repeatedly intoned that the above category of voters was the key to the various anti-Trump victories we saw yesterday.

While we know that college education as currently imbibed in the USA is undoubtedly responsible for the mental health deficiencies frequently displayed by ‘millennials’…

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…one might have hoped the afflictions would not be so chronic that they’d still be discernible in grown women with either real jobs and/or kids to attend to.

Yet so it seems, and one of the issues that can trigger SC-EWs’ eccentric voting behaviour is widely reported to be vexation with the President’s stand against illegal immigration.

This makes no sense, unless both the SC-EWs’ logical AND emotional capacities are badly dislocated.

After all, if their education got them through the ‘Three Rs’ level, they must have read of and be aware of the risks both to themselves…


….and their daughters, sisters and mothers, that arise from having hordes of crimmigrant savages roaming their streets.

“Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair



…if they foolishly think that their ‘safe’ suburban environs insulate them from such dangers, are they so utterly lacking in empathy that they fail to appreciate the benevolent steps taken by POTUS to sequester foreign children…

…from the malign influence of bad  parents, those lawless aliens who irresponsibly drag their children along on criminal ventures like border-breaching?

Of course, I know that many American women, college-educated or not, are splendid, sensible specimens…



…like J, from Milwaukee, the Goldwater Girl whom I met a very long time ago in Koblenz youth hostel, and also those among whom I found myself when I visited Nashville, to attend a grand concert at the Grand Ole Opry some considerable number of years ago.

Yet the SC-EW virus seems to have taken root in the past decade, so I simply pass this warning along.

Those afflicted may look perfectly normal, but their infection is easily detectable as soon as they open their gobs and start gabbling about ‘diversity…’

…and making a strange shrill coughing noise which sounds something like ‘Ka-Va-Naw,’